Alone Together by Peter Ind and Rufus Reid, two long time friends share favorite songs uniquely arranged for the rare pairing to two basses. Shot in an intimate setting, Reid and Ind draw you in with their joy of making music. Alone Together is a study in style and technique for any acoustic bassist. DVD special features include song introductions and instruction, question and answer with Ind and Reid and a sampling of Ind’s paintings.

Alone Together by Peter Ind and Rufus Reid, two long time friends share favorite songs uniquely arranged for the rare pairing to two basses.

1. Quasimodo (Charlie Parker)
2. Love Walked In (Ira Gershwin, George Gershwin)
3. Alone Together (Howard Dietz, Arthur Schwartz)
4. Stardust (Hoagy Carmichael, Mitchell Parish)
5. 317 East 32nd Street (Lenny Tristano)
6. Topsy (Edgar Battle, Eddie Durham)
7. Almost But Maybe (Rufus Reid)
8. Summary (Thaddeus Jones)
9. Cherokee (Ray Nobel)
10. Body And Soul (Edward Heyman, Robert Sour, Frank Eyton, John Green)
11. Fantasy (Peter Ind)
12. Pick Yourself Up (Jerome Kern)
13. Zingaro (Antonio Carlos Jobim)
14. Big Foot (Charlie Parker)

Millennium edition
A Comprehensive Method In Developing A Total Musical Concept For The Aspiring Jazz Bass Player

This edition will mark twenty-six years in publication, as the industry standard for bass method books. Through the years since this book was first published, Rufus began to feel that a major revision was needed. The fundamental material has been kept intact because classic concepts do not change. Rufus says, "The responsibilities of the jazz bassist are astronomical. It is not just walking quarter notes. The individual creativity needs to be nurtured without diluting the job description of a jazz bassist. My experience from performing and teaching has taught me that there were more things that needed to be addressed and stated more clearly. In addition, I have always wanted to integrate the information in my second book, Evolving Upward, Bass Book II. It now completes the concepts for developing upper thumb position technique which is essential to the musical palette of the contemporary bass player."

We just discovered this video taken during the recording of the Evolving Bassist DVD. Check it, and hopefully it will make you smile!

This new edition will also include more transcriptions from his recorded solos, original compositions arranged as duets, new etudes and additional ways to learn tunes and conceive better bass lines. Information is given dealing with practical, "real life" situations for traveling and recording. Answers to frequently asked questions about amplification, equipment, electronic pickups, and microphones are also included.

THE EVOLVING BASSIST is designed to take you through the process to help you become that consummate bass player. It is dedicated to the student who may have difficulty finding and/or being able to afford a regular teacher. This method book is an aid to help you help yourself now. It will also continue to be be your reference book as you and your playing mature through the years.

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For those you in Australia please check out the site: Bassworks Australia. They have all our materials.

This bass ensemble arrangement, "When She Smiles Upon Your Face," is written for four or five Double Basses with an optinal piano part. It includes the score the all the parts.

The melody was originally composed for the 80th birthday of a dear family member who is also an exceptional pianist. This particular arrangement was written specifically for the June, 1999, International Society of Bassists Convention. It was. performed by John Clayton, Michael Moore, Martin Wind and Rufus Reid. They were joined by master pianist/composer, Bill Mays.

This composition was sung as a ballad by Grady Tate with TanaReid on their CD "Back To Front" Evidence Music ECD 22206-2. This CD is also available on my order sheet, or on TanaReid's ordei/sheet.

You can order this arrangement from Ludwin Music

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